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Why You Should Recycle EPS Foam

There are many reasons why recycling EPS foam can do good. But beyond EPS foam there are millions of reasons why the idea of Recycling, or re-using something that has already been used for one thing, can be such a powerful and impacting tool on not only our community's, but the world as a whole.…
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Facts On EPS Foam

Only about five percent of a foam package (ie. Styrofoam) is polystyrene. The rest is air. Styrofoam has many benefits, including insulating quality that helps keep food warm. It is also of light weight, has high durability and strength, making it an excellent packaging material. EPS is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C578. Nevertheless, polystyrene…
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EPS Explained (What does it stand for?)

(EPS) Stands for Expanded polystyrene and it is a versatile, lightweight material that can be manufactured into a variety of products. EPS offers a high-performance yet economical support for a wide variety of items—from sensitive electronics to appliances to pharmaceuticals—to be safely delivered to market. Manufacturers rely on EPS packaging because of its ability to…
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Videos On EPS Recycling

Above is a news story on a company called Intco Recycling who uses recycled EPS foam to create pictures frames and crown molding.