Why You Should Recycle EPS Foam

There are many reasons why recycling EPS foam can do good. But beyond EPS foam there are millions of reasons why the idea of Recycling, or re-using something that has already been used for one thing, can be such a powerful and impacting tool on not only our community's, but the world as a whole.

Listed below is a variety of reasons as to why recycling EPS foam specifically can be so beneficial.

  • Styrofoam recycling helps to reduce the amount of new Styrofoam that needs to be produced, as well as diverts EPS away from the landfills and incinerators. This is crucial, given the pollution that EPS causes in its disposal.
  • Recycling contributes to the economy! This is because recycling conserves resources and saves money, creates jobs and even generates revenue! Read more on why is recycling important for your economy.
  • Styrofoam is often space-consuming. It is estimated that by volume, it takes much as much as thirty percent of landfills worldwide. This situation adds on to the problem of disposing Styrofoam.
  • When foam is ingested by animals, it often blocks their digestive tracts, causes starvation, and ultimately death. As such, it is important to dispose of Styrofoam carefully.

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