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Requesting BAGS

In order to receive our BAGS, we must first verify your type of foam and quantity. Our bags are provided to you at no cost, and depending on your quantity of full bags, we can discuss arrangements for picking up the bags from your location. (All pick up locations are based on individual case by…
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Why You Should Recycle EPS Foam

There are many reasons why recycling EPS foam can do good. But beyond EPS foam there are millions of reasons why the idea of Recycling, or re-using something that has already been used for one thing, can be such a powerful and impacting tool on not only our community's, but the world as a whole.…
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Facts On EPS Foam

Only about five percent of a foam package (ie. Styrofoam) is polystyrene. The rest is air. Styrofoam has many benefits, including insulating quality that helps keep food warm. It is also of light weight, has high durability and strength, making it an excellent packaging material. EPS is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C578. Nevertheless, polystyrene…
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Foam Recycling Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines that is to be followed, and checked before dropping off your foam. Please check the following Is your Foam Clean? Clean means that your foam is clean and free of any tape, plastic film, labels, loose parts or glued-on cardboard, dry, and free of any debris, screws, nails,…
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