How to recycle your EPS Foam At SCFR

South Coast Foam Recycling is a drop of location for your local EPS foam recycling needs

  1. First read our Foam Recycling Guidelines to see if we accept the foam you wish to recycle.
  2. After you know that your foam is accepted by our facility, and follows all the guidelines, follow the steps listed below.
    • South Coast Foam Recycling requires that you have your recyclable foam in any form of bag, bundle, box, ext. For any type of internal handling at SCFR.
    • If you know you will be recycling a lot of foam material over the course of the next few weeks, or months. Ask about using our large BAGS in order to store and drop off your foam. (For more information on BAGS and the amount of foam it will require for our pick up service to pick up your bags follow this link.)
  3. Finally drop off your foam. A detailed map can be found (here) where you can navigate the quickest route to our facility. Simply pull into the back of the Warehouse where someone will shortly be available to
    assist you.


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